Putting Classroom Concepts to Work in a Business Environment – Business Case Symposium

As part of Endicott’s mission to provide students with applied learning, increased self-confidence, and stronger professional skills, the April 27 sixth annual Business Case Symposium brought together students from Endicott’s Undergraduate College Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management and Graduate MBA Strategy classes to present real-world application of classroom business concepts.


Endicott College and Sapient Corporation, a global provider of information technology, marketing and management consulting services, hosted the event, in which students presented to Sapient executives an interactive case study prepared specifically for the company utilizing real-world business conditions.


Endicott Seniors Chris Gugino and George Panagiotopoulos, juniors Melina Boehler and Jesse Restivo, with support from faculty advisors Margaret Ake and Kristine Kelly, researched and wrote a real-time, interactive case study about the talent management practices in the globally-connected, highly virtual environment in which Sapient Corporation operates. Additional students from Endicott’s Undergraduate College Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management and Graduate MBA Strategy classes applied concepts from their courses to analyze the case.  Through the Business Case Symposium, students got the chance to present their recommendations in person to a gathering of their classmates, faculty, and –most prominently – Sapient executives on the Endicott campus.

Case writer George Panagiotopoulos


Sapient CEO Alan J. Herrick, COO Preston B. Bradford, VP of People Success Frank Schettino, and Senior Manager Vishal Patel responded directly to recommendations from the “Gen Y experts” at Endicott, committing to take under advisement much of what was proposed and commending the students for their creative and insightful presentations. Sapient was founded in Beverly and is now headquartered in Boston and Atlanta.

Preston Bradford, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Sapient Corporation and also a member of Endicott College’s Board of Advisors


“Congratulations to this year’s Business Case Writing Team on an outstanding achievement!” said Endicott Undergraduate School of Business Dean Amy Ross. “Over the past six years, since we began the program, our Case Writing Team has done some phenomenal things, but the quality of the collaboration and of the research has never been higher than this year.  I was particularly impressed at the Symposium by the work of the students in our management courses:  junior Taylor Callahan, sophomore Byrne Katz and junior Joanna Norko from Professor Brenda Smith’s Organizational Behavior class and junior Chris Filomeno , senior Eric Sauer and junior Chris Serpa from Professor Aileen Torrance’s Human Resources class did a great job representing their fellow students from the School of Business in their formal presentations to the executives from Sapient.  Overall, the entire effort encapsulated the exciting fusion of theoretical and practical, experiential learning that Endicott is all about!”


The process to participate in the Business Case Writing Team is a considerable one. Students in the third and fourth year of the B.S. in Business Administration program are competitively selected each fall to join the college’s Case Writing Program.  The selection process includes both a written application and an in-depth interview.  The students who are selected have high academic standing, excellent interpersonal and social skills, well-developed research, writing, and analytical skills, and are comfortable speaking and engaging with a variety of different constituencies.


The first Endicott Business Case Writing Team came about as a result of the work of Assistant Professor Margaret Ake and VP of Institutional Advancement David Vigneron in 2005.  In a joint initiative between the School of Business and the Office of Institutional Advancement at Endicott College, undergraduate students and faculty research, write, and publish business education case studies.  Working with two full-time faculty members, selected students jointly author one business education case study each academic year.


Through alumni contacts established by Endicott’s Office of Institutional Advancement, the student case writers are given unique access to the principals of an organization selected to become the focus of that year’s case study.   Their goal is to describe the “case” of a real world enterprise so as to illustrate how it either does or does not conform to theoretical models they have been exposed to in the classroom. The case studies they prepare, in turn, are used as teaching tools across the campus to illustrate the role systematic case analysis plays in converting a student’s theoretical knowledge gained from reading and research into professional skills and decision-making capacity once they become practitioners.


Congratulations to the students involved for an impressive outcome to all of their hard work!


Back row (from l-r) Preston Bradford, Margaret Ake, Jesse Restivo, George Panagiotopoulos, Frank Schettino, Alan Herrick. Front row (from l-r) Chris Gugino, Vishal Patel, Kristine Kelly, Melina Boehler

Endicott President Dr. Richard Wylie introduces the student presenters

Presenter Byrne Katz, from Brenda Smith’s Organizational Behavior class

Presenters Joanna Norko and Taylor Callahan from Brenda Smith’s Organizational Behavior class

Presenter Eric Sauer from Aileen Torrance’s Human Resource Management class

Presenters Chris Filomeno and Chris Serpa from Aileen Torrance’s Human Resource Management class

Presenters from Richard Benedetto’s MBA Business Policy and Strategy class - from (l-r) Brianna Hodgkins, Amanda Maninos, Andrea Cucchiara

Presenters from Richard Benedetto’s MBA Business Policy and Strategy class – from (l-r) Elizabeth Galant, Samantha Hennessy, Matt Cote